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2018 HS Boys Spring Registration


2018 Hoya Nation

 Welcome to the 2018 HS Boys Spring Registration!

This year there are a few items to take note of as you complete your son’s registration.  Depending on if you son played last year or the condition of his gear, this will determine the player pack items necessary for you to purchase.   



  • Registration fees are $540 this year.  This includes (1) season pass ticket into all regular season HS lacrosse games held at Harrison.  Season Ticket maybe used by anyone in the family and the Value is $40.   Additional Season Tickets are available for $40 each.
  • All Players need to purchase the new shooting shirt.
  • All New players need to purchase (1) pair of green and (1) pair of white game shorts.
  • All New players need to purchase a cinch-backpack.
  • All New players need to purchase (1) pair of Nike Sweatpants and (1) Nike Hoodie.
  • Returning players do not need to purchase game shorts, cinch-backpacks, or sweatpants and hoodies if they have these items from last year.  If these items no longer fit, have been lost, or are in poor condition it is requested that you purchase new ones for the season. 
  • The Nike Sweatpants and Nike Hoodies on the registration page are team color and logo specific and not the ones being sold on the Hoya Lacrosse Online Store.  These team specific items must be purchased at the time of registration to complete the team bulk order.
  • There is an optional duffle bag if you wish to purchase it.  It is not a required player pack item.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or chat with me before or after practices.  We will be having a Lacrosse General Booster Club Meeting next Thursday in the Harrison Cafeteria.  That is Thursday, February the 8th starting at 6pm.

David Lawson


David Lawson

Phone: 678-618-7158